~ Bee Basics 101 ~

Every new beekeeper is just that . . . a new beekeeper. If you are lucky enough to have grown up around someone who kept bees, or if you know someone who keeps or has kept bees, that is a big head start. You are already set up with a potential mentor and your mere exposure has you leaps and bounds ahead of the game. Yay you.
If, however, you are like I was a number of years ago and you Know Nothing about bees and Know No One who kept bees, well, you’ve got an interesting and challenging path ahead of you. You are a baby who will learn to crawl and then walk and then be on your way, continuing an adventure that challenges and changes and is so full of awe that you will be hard-pressed Not to find something new and different and interesting for many years to come.

I often hear beginning beekeepers speak of the need for someone to go to for help – general questions, a crisis, and the entire gamut in between. I created this website, and Bee Basics 101, to help local beekeepers have an avenue of connecting with other beekeepers and as a way to see what’s going on in the immediate community of Garland County, Arkansas. But it’s also for anyone anywhere who has interest in bees. So please look around and drop a line when you get a chance.